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Geetha Palanisamy

Technical Expert

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."

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shubham dhatunde 1 month ago
to TCS profile

Hello FACE Preppers, Hope you guys have started preparing for TCS(only 2018 batch), I have listed some important topics that you shouldn't miss during your preparation: Programming MCQs: 1. Storage classes in c - auto, static, extern and register (concepts based) 2. Datatypes, modifiers (long, short, signed and unsigned) - concepts based 3. Command line arguments (predict the o/p based questions, syntax based questions) 4. Dynamic memory allocation - malloc(), calloc(), realloc() and free() 5. Data structures - array, linked list, stack and queue - linked list (single, double, circular) - stack (LIFO, application, push and pop) - queue (FIFO, application, enqueue and dequeue) - array vs linked list 6. Algorithms - searching (linear and binary), - sorting(bubble, insertion, selection, merge, heap) 7. Hashing techniques - hash table 8. Tree - binary search tree, traversals (inorder, preorder and postorder) 9. Pointers, structure, union and strings (basics - predict the output based) 10. Compilation process - concepts based Make sure you don't miss any of these topics while preparing for TCS programming MCQ section. Prepare well, All the best!

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sateesh gedha 2 months ago
mam im from mechanical...i want to prepare for metro & l&t ...can u suggest me the imp que's plz..

Guys! Start preparing for Wipro drive now. Some useful resources for your preparation are Wipro Coding Questions - https://www.faceprep.in/wipro-coding-questions/ Wipro Aptitude Questions - https://www.faceprep.in/wipro/wipro-aptitude-questions/ Wipro Verbal Questions - https://www.faceprep.in/wipro/wipro-verbal-questions/ Wipro Logical Reasoning Questions - https://www.faceprep.in/wipro/wipro-logical-reasoning-questions/ Wipro Communication Test - https://www.faceprep.in/wipro/wipro-essay-writing-topics/

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Renu Hubbly 1 month ago
Hello Geetha mam,
Please do reply for the results of the wipro on which we are having doubts.
We did subscribe to face prep for help. And we expect help from you in each and every aspect!
Please clear the doubts about the different emails that we are getting if you know!

Caterpillar Recruitment 2018 | Freshers | Engineer Company: Caterpillar India Pvt Ltd Qualification: BE/ B.Tech/ ME/ M.Tech Positions: Engineer Experience: 0 - 3 years Job Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu Link to Apply: https://goo.gl/BRybSf

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anusha karri 1 month ago
mam i need ur guidance regarding nutranix company recruitment mam
Nikhilesh Puvvada 2 months ago
madam what about today's test review ?

Predict the output:
Let the input be Asha usha nisha easha
#include "stdio.h"
int main(int argc, char**argv)
printf("%s\n", argv[--argc]);
return 1;

  1. A Compile time error 41%
  2. B usha 20%
  3. C nisha 14%
  4. D easha 25%
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akhilesh akhil 2 months ago
mam I am mechanical engineering and I want wrok in IT sector ...but didn't even no any basic of thing of programming ... is it possible to wrok in IT sector with mechanical background

Hello FACE Preppers :-)
Here's the question which was repeatedly asked in the TCS drives:
int main()
float I = 1.1;
double Me= 1.1;
if(I == Me)
return 0;

  1. A Compile time error 18%
  2. B TCS 35%
  3. C TATA 42%
  4. D No error and No Output 6%
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janani.j 2 months ago
tcs will be the correct answer. there is devil lies in the detail. actually in c, the value of float date type variable and double float data type variable is not same anyway. so obviously condition gets false then answer will be tcs

Capgemini Pseudo Code MCQs -
What will be the value of even_counter if number = 2630?
Read number
Function divisible(number)
even_counter = 0, num_remainder = number;
while (num_remainder)
digit = num_remainder % 10;
if digit != 0 AND number % digit == 0
even_counter= even_counter+1
End If
num_remainder= num_remainder / 10;
End While
return even_counter;

  1. A 3 17%
  2. B 4 41%
  3. C 2 20%
  4. D 1 22%
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Mukesh Varma 2 months ago
hai do you have latest placement for capgemni if so send me to this id mukeshvarma699@gmail.com

Cognizant Off-Campus Drive 2018 Position - Engineer Trainee Industry - IT Job Location - Tamil Nadu Experience - Freshers Salary - 3.38 LPA Education BE/ B.Tech / ME / M.Tech / MCA / M.Sc Drive Date 3rd & 4th November 2018 Eligibility Criteria: - 2017/ 2018 batch of B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech, MCA & M.Sc (5 years integrated course) - Consistent academic record of a minimum of 50% in X, XII, Diploma, UG & PG (all subjects taken into consideration) - No standing arrears in current education. - Maximum 2 years gap in education. Selection Process: - Online Aptitude test - Group Discussion - Technical Interview - Voice Assessment - HR Discussion Registration link: http://www.kiot.ac.in/cts-drive-2018-new/ Date & Time: 3rd & 4th November 2018 at 08:30 A.M Venue: Knowledge Institute of Technology, Knowledge Business School Salem Training and Placement Cell, KIOT Campus, Kakapalayam (Po.), Salem  637 504.

varshitha reddy 2 months ago
hi mam I have written amcat exam for cts from home when will the result comes

Guys!! Free resources to prepare for TCS off campus drive 2018. Gear up your preparation with these :) TCS Aptitude Questions - https://www.faceprep.in/tcs/tcs-aptitude-questions/ TCS English Questions - https://www.faceprep.in/tcs/tcs-english-questions/ TCS Programming Concepts - https://www.faceprep.in/tcs/tcs-programming-questions/ TCS Coding Questions - https://www.faceprep.in/tcs/tcs-coding-questions/ Link to Apply for TCS drive - https://www.faceprep.in/tcs/off-campus-drive/

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monu kumar 2 months ago
@Geetha Palanisamy Mam, I have completed all TCS English questions, is it enough to crack if or then from where should I prepare for English?
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