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Sowmya Guptha

Sri indu college of engineering and technology


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if any one have infosys previous material could you please share to my mail id sreesowmya20@gmail.com

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Akash Gupta 4 days ago
Is here any recruitment from Infosys??

what kind of questions I can except for ctrls technical & hŕ round ?

Ramcharan Tangirala 6 days ago
when is Ur interview?

any updates regarding wipro nlth results ?

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Nikhilesh Puvvada 13 days ago
is there aby hope for select? while code doesnot execute
Pramita Bhattacharyya 19 days ago

Is there are any chance of selection in wipro ntlh if we perform well at logic verbal and ability except coding

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Stam Tin 25 days ago
share about the the verbal section..where i prepare the synonyms and antonyms

what are the main concepts I should focus in aptitude for wipro ntlh

Nikhilesh Puvvada 23 days ago
avna iyya

is there any negative marking in wipro ntlh 2018

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Nalasingu Manojkumar 29 days ago
No negative marks

is there any one who got this message during u r wipro registration

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spandana 1 month ago
Even I hv same problem..how to login using reference number

do any one know interview rounds of multiplier solutions

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JesusMyKing 1 month ago
Tech HR / HR
Karthik 23 days ago
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