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how many days it takes to get the results of CTS ?

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Pasupuleti Neeharika 26 days ago
Can u give me the link for amcat material?

If Anyone done with Congnizent autoprocating test please share your experience here..

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revanthvelaga 28 days ago
sorry i dont understand what you say please tell about automata?
does automata mean to rectify errors or else we should write the program...

can anyone tell me the latest pattern of congnizant and time duration

Subbu Jandhyala 29 days ago
this is the maximum possible pattern but so of the trainers said that there may be chance to give 2 coding programs also

do any one have idea regarding interview process of zenQ technologies

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Stam Tin 1 month ago

Is it mandatory memos up to 3-2 i don't have my 3-2 memo 2mrw I have infosys drive will they check memos for online test

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Nandanavanam Venkata Naga Swetha 1 month ago
there is no need of memos for online test.you just need to know the marks.

any one who have recently attended infosys drive could u please share your experience?

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ananya sharma 1 month ago
Plz forward to my mail ananyasharma.2403@gmail.com

if any one have shakuntala devi puzzles pdf please share to my mail id sreesowmya20@gmail.com

Saraswathi.U 1 month ago
send materials in my mail I'd also sarasbabe66@gmail.com

within how many days will get result after completing hr round of ctrls

if any one have infosys previous material could you please share to my mail id sreesowmya20@gmail.com

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Akash Gupta 2 months ago
Is here any recruitment from Infosys??

what kind of questions I can except for ctrls technical & hŕ round ?

Ramcharan Tangirala 2 months ago
when is Ur interview?
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