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can anyone share me the ibm for associate technical operation placement papers. I have it on mar 16. share to mdshami464@gmail.com.

md shami 7 days ago
I got invitation letter
Rocky 4 days ago
text me on wtsapp @7036184199. I vil provide
Rocky 4 days ago
text me on wtsapp @7036184199. I vil provide

I have attended Accenture in last 3 months without elitmus and didn't get through the written test , now I shortlisted through elitmus .can I have the chance to attend through elitmus?

I applied for Wipro written test but due I didn't attend the test.after 20days again I applied for it ,but my boarding pass is not updating.it is showing the date of which I applied at starting.?

Saras Wathi 13 days ago
how to apply for the wipro written test

I have applied for Wipro last month but I didn't attend for the written test ,I applied for Feb 21st recruitment test and now I am not getting boarding pass ,still it is showing last time's boarding pass.can anyone know what to do?

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Chandu 27 days ago
no problem you can go for the written test

can anyone share me the coding questions they have faced in Wipro written test and in which programming language we have compile?

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