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Mahesh R

Hindusthan Institute of Technology, Malumichampatty

CS student with Gud project and bad apti knowledge looking for job.

Faceprep ID : 697256

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Guys if any one having IBM materials. Please send me at maheshhindusthanian@gmail.com.. It will be very helpful for me! Thank you in advance.

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Is Infosys started hiring? If any one knws the drive link, please forward me at maheshhindusthanian@gmail.com.. Thank you

If anybody having IBM materials, plz send me at maheshhindusthanian@gmail.com, It will be so helpful for me

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Ravuri Ratnasri 2 months ago
registration link plz

Guys if any one having 'Infosys materials' plz send me at maheshhindusthanian@gmail.com It will be very helpful for me!

sai 2 months ago
text me on wtsapp @7036184199. I vil provide

If any one having Tech Mahendra questions please send me at maheshhindusthanian@gmail.com Plz guys. It will be so helpful for me!

Seema Seema 2 months ago
send me to seemabadnur9@gmail.com
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