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Mustaq Ahammed

Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology


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bro pls tell me how can I prepare for capgemini written test

How many of you waiting for capegemini Hr results ,
conducted in IARE college, Hyderabad on Jan 29,30

do plz response
through commnets
so many members are waiting for update

  1. A got acceptance mail 28%
  2. B got rejection mail 25%
  3. C still waiting for results 48%
40 Attempts 5 Comments
Mustaq Ahammed 6 days ago
those who got acceptence mail plz. do comment frnds

Those who have capegemini on 29th Jan in
IARE Hyderabad.
is it technical round??
or written test?

  1. A technical and Hr round 26%
  2. B written test first 63%
  3. C I have written test on 15th Nov 2018 got the response mail now 11%
54 Attempts 8 Comments
Gayathri 20 days ago
WIC yr of passing out

I got this mail 2 days back . to attend the drive on 29th Jan in IARE college ,Hyd. I have written the test on 15th Nov 2018. My doubt is did they again conduct a test for me or not?? else what are the rounds they conduct on 29th Jan 2019. ple help me with valid answer and how to clear the interview to got a job thanking you advance....

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Pavan Teja 19 days ago
i got this message today I do not get any tentative interview dates can u tell me when was the interview dates?

Any one have a Capegemini interview on 29th Jan in IARE college , Hyderabad

  1. A yes 49%
  2. B no 51%
37 Attempts 2 Comments
Mustaq Ahammed 22 days ago
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