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Vaishnavi Anand

college of engineering and technology

Faceprep ID : 877261

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Kiruba Nagarajan 6 days ago
please mail me as well at kiru12497@gmail.com

anyone having ECe questions for Accenture through elitmus can you please help me in preparation for ECe concepts my email id is vaishnavianand.muntha@gmail.com

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Ram 5 months ago
I think u got offer letter from TCS right?, So ur not joining TCS?

can anyone share Accenture material's and pattern vaishnavianand.muntha@gmail.com thanks in advance 🙂

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Somindala pallavi 4 months ago
send me too pallavisomindala@gmail.com

anyone having Infosys faceprep or any materials kindly send it to my mail id vaishnavianand.muntha@gmail.com thanks in advance please 🙂

Potta. Meghana 5 months ago
plz forward the Infosys materials in id

anyone virtusa questions ? kindly send it to vaishnavianand.muntha@gmail.com... please 😊

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shabana azmi 6 months ago
please send me..virtusa questions to.. shabhana.azmi24@gmail.com

can anyone send tcs off campus materials to vaishnavianand.muntha@gmail.com

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ganga 6 months ago
Hi ganesh can you please share tcs materials to my email marriganga752@gmail.com

what about optional modules in AMCAT? is it important to choose 2 modules?.. can't I only opt for computer programming only?

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Chintala Swathi 8 months ago
one module is also enough

hi I have my amcat exam...is automatic coding is there is syllabus.i am confused regarding that because no where in the syllabus it's mentioned

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sivaramireddy vemannagari 9 months ago
at that Time they will tell you sillabus

any off campus or any walk-in in Hyderabad?? For non it b.tech ppl

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Vineeth Chikyal 9 months ago
I recently posted links today do check dem if Ur eligible

can anyone give me links or material for AMcAT my mail id:- vaishnavianand.muntha@gmail.com

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Neelima Singu 9 months ago
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