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sandhya n

new horizon college of engineering


Faceprep ID : 885488

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Prakhar 5 hours ago
Why not try internshala & LinkedIn?
Sagar Patra 21 days ago
please send me in srpsagar.patra@gmail.com too... thank in advance
Vaibhav Soni 26 days ago
You need to prepare basics of subjects that mentioned in your resume.

i am in 4th year of engineering and I've no idea how to start over my preps of being that student who can be placed at the earliest! drop of the suggestions in. sandhyareddyn1998@gmail.com

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silviya 29 days ago
Same fr me.. Silviya7797@gmail.com

how can I prepare for my technical rounds of TCS nqt. any material please update sandhyareddyn1998@gmail.com

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any one who can give best material to study for apptitue please! drop down to, sandhyareddyn1998@gmail.com

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rajyalakshmi Pavuluri 8 days ago
me too at rajyalakshmipavuluri20@gmail.com
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