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不不, you'll just keep running behind paid Materials. 2018 batch destroyed 2019 batch with these two words "Paid Materials" .

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Vajjhala venkata valli kanaka durga 1 day ago
please send me cognizant registration link

FUN FACT- Prepinsta founders still secretly roam around on face App in disguise,I received a mail saying that I should delete my profile 不不不不不不不不不不

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Madhu 5 days ago
hii prakhar can you suggest how crack automata in cts
Smiley Smiley 9 days ago
Fresher 1 day ago
bro what is roll no?

I see many of you fretting about your upcoming Cognizant and craving for any type of study materials or should I say, short cuts to clear this test. Since I have given cognizant test thrice so I thought I should throw some light upon the the type of questions I faced and give my 2 cents of advice. Quant- All topics will be covered but sure cut questions are - Profit loss, PnC, Probab,HCF/LCM, simplification, % changes and yes CI/SI(including population increase,depreciation/appreciation) LR- 1 puzzle from seating arrangements for sure(4 question based on it), 4 questions from coding decoding so please mug up A-Z positions in numbers don't rely on EJOTY method. Odd/even, statement conclusion, data sufficiency ,1 more puzzle based situation question , 2 questions will be like if A=B means A greater than B, B+A means B smaller than A etc this type. English- Its all about the speed, you need to be Brett lee here. Its easy though ,but the maximum time consuming part will be RCs. Now the million dollar question, how to deal with the RCs? well, the answer is go through Amcat verbal material on face website , if they haven't updated their question bank, out of three atleast 1 Passage will be repeated in the actual test. I am attaching some link where you will find some passages I faced in the verbal section. REMEMBER COGNIZANT IS NOT HARD, quant section may bring some jitters but don't let that emotion destroy your next 2 sections too. http://www.softschools.com/language_arts/reading_comprehension/science/84/hurricane_hunters/ http://geekplacement.com/2016/09/amcat-reading-comprehension-previous_47.html All the best guys :)

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Nikhilesh Puvvada 12 days ago
bro ibm papers ?
Don Reddy 11 days ago
congrats and thanks bro. for helping hand.

Ha to kisko kaunse Materials chahiye ab batao . PS- I don't have accenture/wipro ones

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gudapati devendra 4 days ago
or link all into Google drive send link

Is there anyone who applied for Amazon cloud support & got the test link? I have entire test photos

Anubhav Sharma 19 days ago
Sir can i get wipro previous yrlear question and paid materials,my id
I have my exam on 11th Jan 2019.
Please reply.
Thank You
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