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TCS Digital syllabus, TCS Digital exam pattern and important instructions for its upcoming TCS digital exam 2019 are discussed here in detail. Before you continue reading, click here to know TCS Digital Eligibility and Registration Process 2020.

tcs digital syllabus and exam pattern

TCS Digital Exam Pattern

The TCS Digital exam is a 3 hour (180 minutes) online test conducted on TCS ion platform. The TCS Digital Exam pattern for TCS Digital test is as follows.

Order of appearanceSectionNumber of questionsDuration
1st groupEnglish1015 minutes
2nd groupQuantitative Aptitude1230 minutes
3rd groupLateral Thinking730 minutes
4th groupAgility225 minutes
5th groupProgramming Logic720 minutes
6th groupAdvanced Coding160 minutes

TCS Digital Syllabus 2019

The TCS Digital syllabus for each of the above-mentioned sections is given below.

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TCS Digital Aptitude Syllabus

This section assesses the mathematical, analytical and logical aptitude of the candidate. The questions can be from:

  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Probability
  • Divisibility 
  • Elementary modulo arithmetic
  • Elementary algebra
  • Expansions using Binomial theorem
  • Roots of polynomials
  • Relations between roots and coefficients
  • Averages, Mean, median and mode
  • Time, speed and distance
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Elementary trigonometry
  • Basic algorithmic thinking

TCS Digital Syllabus for Programming Section 

This section tests the candidate’s understanding of basic data structures and standard algorithms that operate on these data structures. The types of questions can be:

  • Given a code in a commonly used programming language / pseudo code, identify the functionality of the code. 
  • Given a code in a commonly used programming language / pseudo code, identify the bug in the code
  • Conceptual question involving these algorithm/ data structures

The following is the indicative list of topics: 

Data structures

  • Array
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • List
  • Hashtable
  • Binary tree


  • Search algorithms – searching an array, tree traversal
  • Common sort algorithms
  • Time & space complexity of these algorithms
  • Dynamic programming

TCS Digital Test Instructions 

If you are giving your TCS Digital exam 2019, then here are some instructions you need to know before you give your exam.

  1. The total duration of TCS Digital exam is 180 minutes and it consists of 6 sections in total.
  2. You need to click on Save & Next button to save the response of each of your questions. There is no auto response saving option. So be careful and make sure you save it each time you answer a question.
  3. The test will flow as per the order of appearance mentioned in the ‘TCS Digital Exam Pattern Section‘. Once you move from one group to another group, you cannot go back to the earlier group. For example, once you have moved to Quantitative Aptitude, you cannot go back to English and so on.
  4. The countdown timer displayed on the test screen will indicate the time remaining to complete each group.
  5. There are separate timers for each group and the timer will start the moment the first question appears on the screen.
  6. The test duration for each group is fixed. For example: If you complete a given section in less than the allotted time, the leftover time will not be carried forward to the remaining groups.
  7. Click SUBMIT at the end of every group to move to the next group. On Clicking SUBMIT in the Advanced Coding Section (last group), you will be logged out of the test.
  8. To refer to the test instructions at any point of time during the test, click INSTRUCTIONS on the right top of the screen.