TCS Ninja Test Preparation 2018 | National Qualifier Test

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TCS Ninja 2018 National Qualifier Test: Analysis

TCS Ninja Test – Slot 1


  1. 10 questions to be solved in 10 minutes.
  2. Cloze passage testing students on their use of basic grammar and Vocabulary appeared. 
  3. The difficulty level of the questions ranged from easy to medium, based on student accounts.
  4. Students who learned grammar topics handled by FACE found the questions to be extremely easy.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. 20 questions to be solved in 40 minutes.
  2. 15 questions from Standard and 5 from Advanced.
  3. Standard questions ranged in the easy-to-medium difficulty level, while Advanced questions were challenging for most students.
  4. Most questions appeared from topics such as Percentages, Time and Work, Time Speed Distance, Geometry and Functions.

Programming Concepts and Coding:

  1. Programming concepts had 10 questions (7 in standard and 3 in Advanced) to be solved in 20 minutes.
  2. Coding had 1 problem statement to be solved in 20 minutes. Choice of languages were C, C++, Java, Python and PERL.
  3. Basic sorting algorithms and intermediate  output based questions were tested in Programming Concepts.
  4. The Coding question was based on standard input/output and not on Commandline argument.

TCS Ninja Test – Slot 2

Several different questions appeared in slot 2, compared to slot 1, but the topics tested remained the same.


  1. Cloze passage once again appeared: 10 blanks from a single passage to be solved in 10 minutes.
  2. While the first slot’s questions lay focus on both grammar and vocabulary, the second slot’s questions lay greater emphasis on grammar.
  3. Use of grammar concepts such as prepositions, articles, determiners and tenses, which were all covered in FACE classes was tested.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. The pattern followed was the same as slot 1: 20 questions (15 in standard and 5 in advanced) to be solved in 40 minutes.
  2. Advanced level section was difficult compared to slot 1 advanced level questions.
  3. Surds, Indices and functions questions were included in the advanced section.

Programming concepts and Coding:

  1. The Programming Concepts questions were similar to what was tested in Slot 1.
  2. In coding, mixing two series was asked.

TCS Ninja Test – Slot 3


Slot 3’s cloze passage tested use of basic vocabulary along with grammar usage such as Articles, Subject-Verb Agreement, Tenses and Prepositions.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. Out of 15 questions in the standard section, student accounts claim that 10 to 12 questions were similar to what were trained by FACE.
  2. Topics tested were similar to slot 2, with high emphasis on Geometry in slot 3.

Programming Concepts and Coding:

  1. There were several questions testing basic concepts of C Programming and Data Structures.
  2. Student accounts claim that the questions were easier than what was reported by slot 2 students.

TCS Ninja Test – Slot 4 

Quantitative Aptitude:

1) There was no repetition of questions from any of the previous slots of TCS Ninja Test. Questions in slot 3 standard quantitative aptitude section were from the following topics.
a) Percentages
b) Probability
c) Numbers
d) Profit and Loss
e) Mixtures and Allegations

2) The level of questions in standard and advanced sections was quite easy when compared to previous slots.

3) The questions in the advanced section were from the topics given below.
a) Mensuration
b) Permutations and Combinations
c) Number puzzle
d) Averages
e) Time, speed and distance

Programming concepts and Coding:

1) The programming MCQs had a scenario based question in which you need to identify the suitable data structure and its size.

2) Programming MCQs based on command line arguments, output prediction were asked. 

3) Coding section was simple and easy when compared to other sections. The question in this section was about Computing nth number in a series.

Solutions of TCS Ninja Mock Test 1 (released by TCS)

It is very important to practice questions asked in TCS Ninja Mock test 1 released on 14th August 2018. FACE Prep has made a FREE course on TCS Ninja Mock test questions and solutions. Click on the below button to watch the course.

TCS Ninja Test – Preparation Resources

1) Quantitative Aptitude 

TCS Ninja quantitative aptitude section has 20 questions and the time duration is 40 minutes. Click here to prepare TCS Ninja frequently asked aptitude questions.

2) Programming Mcqs

TCS Ninja programming Mcqs section has 10 questions and the time duration is 20 minutes. Click here to prepare TCS Ninja frequently asked aptitude questions.

3) Coding questions

TCS Ninja coding section consists of only 1 questions and the time duration is 20 minutes. For instructions and TCS Ninja coding questions, check here.

4) English Questions

TCS Ninja English section has 10 questions and the time duration is 10 minutes. For sample TCS Ninja English questions, Check here.

TCS Ninja Test FAQs

If you are creating your profile for the first time, please update the details carefully as no changes can be made to the profile once created for the following fields – Name, Date of Birth, Title, Address, Email ID, Telephone Number.

You can change details of other fields (except the above) by clicking “Edit Application Form” and updating the required details. Please ensure that you ‘Submit’ your Application Form after making the changes. No need to click on ‘Apply For Drive’ again.

You can have a maximum of 1 pending backlog at the time of appearing for the test which needs to be cleared within the stipulated course duration.

Only 1 profile needs to be created per candidate. Duplicate profiles should not be created. You will need to write to for deletion of your duplicate profiles.

Once your Hall Ticket is generated, please check your Hall Ticket for the documents you need to carry for the TCS National Qualifier Test.

No, interviews will not be conducted on the day of the TCS National Qualifier Test. If you clear the TCS National Qualifier Test, details of the Interview will be sent to you on your registered Email ID.

You need to update the Nearest Test Location (Personal Details section) while updating your Application form. You can make changes to the Nearest Test Location until your profile status is “Application Received”. You can validate the Nearest Test Location while Applying for Drive.
Once the test location has been selected by you, it cannot be changed if your Hall Ticket has already been generated.

The results of the TCS National Qualifier Test will be sent by email to your registered Email ID.

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