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TCS NQT Interview Questions for TCS National Qualifier Test | Technical and HR Questions

Published on 07 Mar 2020

You can find the latest TCS Ninja/TCS NQT interview questions here. These TCS Ninja/TCS NQT Interview questions were collected from students who have attended the TCS NQT Interview recently.

TCS Ninja/TCS NQT Technical Interview Questions

In TCS Ninja/TCS NQT technical interview round, the questions will mostly be based on the following topics:

1) Core Subjects: You need to be very clear about subjects of your interest or subjects you have mentioned in the resume. Technical Interview questions will be purely based on those subjects.

TCS Ninja Technical Interview questions for CS students - since you are from IT background, you will be tested on your programming knowledge. A lot of CS students were asked questions on Computer Networks, DBMS, Software Management, Operation systems and Cloud Computing.

TCS Ninja Technical Interview questions for Non-CS students- Being from a non-CS background, you are expected to have basic programming knowledge. Non- CS students were asked to write down the code for simple programs. A few of them are:

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2) Projects: You need to thoroughly know every detail about the projects you have mentioned in your resume. Students were asked to write down the logic or draw the circuit diagram as well.

TCS Ninja/TCS NQT HR Interview Questions

TCS Ninja interview questions asked in the HR round are given below. Try to develop an answer for each of these questions. Do not by heart it. Rather list down all the points for each question. This will help you reduce the pressure during the interview.

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What do you know about TCS?
  • What do you think is the biggest strength of TCS?
  • What are your areas of interest?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you ready to work anywhere in India
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • Are you willing to work in different shifts?
  • Why TCS?

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Important tips for TCS NQT Interview

These are a must know things before you attend the TCS Ninja Interview process. Keep these in mind while you prepare.

1) Have a clear idea about everything you have written in your resume, especially projects.

2) Answer every question with confidence.

3) If you do not know the answer to any question (technical), it is better you tell the interviewer that you have no idea about that subject/concept.Never give a wrong answer assuming the interviewer has no idea about it.

4) Try to give a detailed answer to every question with examples.

5) Research about TCS and its products.

TCS NQT Interview Experiences

Here are some of the TCS NQT interview questions & experiences shared by FacePreppers who attended the recent TCS NQT interview.

#TCS NQT interview Experience 1


MD Muzammil

Attended TCS NQT interview in the month of June 2019 & got selected.

Two rounds - TR and HR. First was TR. Questions were:

  • What is cloud computing, application of cloud computing, SAAS?
  • Do youknow any real-time applications of cloud computing?
  • What is a linear data structure?
  • Explain quick sort with algorithm and example?
  • Given an array, how will you search an element in the most efficient manner?
  • Difference between execution and error?

Round 2: HR

1) Tell me something which is not a part of your resume?

2) What are u doing to increase your communication skills?

3) Are you willing to relocate?

4) Why TCS?

#TCS NQT interview Experience 2

tcs nqt interview questions & experiences

Shilpi Shaw

Cambridge Institute of technology

Attended TCS NQT off-campus for 2018 batch & got selected.

There was one round of interview only which combined Technical, HR, MR rounds. Questions were based on my core branch which is Electrical. All of them were basic questions like what is your fav subject, what is an induction motor, its applications, etc.

Some questions were from programming like write a program to print Fibonacci series.Some HR questions were like - Are you willing to relocate, Are you okay with night shifts etc.

Imp points to note down:

  • Never lie anything in your application form or resume.
  • Whether you know anything or not, don't stay calm in the interview.
  • Smile more, be bold, be positive. They never hire candidates who are always serious and worried about little things.
  • Sleep well before the interview and wear neat and clean and proper formal dress. (from hair band to shoes). -
  • If you are cross-questioned at one of your lies, its better to tell the truth.
  • Do full research about the company before the interview.
  • Keep your voice loud and clear.
  • These are all the important traits which the company is looking for. So try to match these points. All the best !!

PS: If it's your day, then nothing is gonna stop you. And if it's not then no matter how hard you try, nothing gonna happen. So, the bottom line is that do your best, don't worry about the result.

Also, in the online test, I was asked this coding question -Write a Program to count the number of vowels and consonants in the word taken as an input by the user.

#TCS NQT interview Experience 3

tcs nqt interview questions

Sapana More

Bharati Vidyapeeths College of Engineering For Women

Attended TCS NQT for 2018 batch & got selected.

Overall Interview was good. You need to be confident. Prepare about projects well and basics of HTML, C. Prepare the topics which are mentioned in your resume. Some of the questions that were asked are:

1) Tell me about yourself?

2) Tell me about TCS?

3) Why do you want to join TCS?

4) Why you are applying for IT industry and why not jobs in your Core domain?

5) Explain your project & your role in the project?

6) Some HTML basics & about Embedded systems.

#TCS NQT interview Experience 4

Deepak Kumar

Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology

Attended TCS NQT in the month of November 2018 & got selected.

It was completely positive and a good experience. It started with TR and MR which was conducted together. They asked about things I mentioned in the resume. I wrote Block Chain, Cloud Computing and Big Data. They asked entirely on that only. Questions I remember are -What is bitcoin? Advantages of blockchain?

They were very friendly. Then in HR, he asked would you be available for night shifts? Would you only work for roles related to software? etc.

#TCS NQT interview Experience 5

Souptik Chakraborty

Attended TCS NQT in 2018 & got selected.

The overall interview experience was great. I am from Civil background and I was interviewed for over 40 mins. There were 2 rounds, Technical & HR interview.

  • Who built C?
  • Difference between Call by Value and Call by Address?
  • Difference between merge sort and insertion sort?
  • Example of merge sort.
  • How to count the elements of a String?
  • Basics about structure, linked list, queue.

The HR interview went for only 5 mins and they asked me only 3 questions: 1) relocation 2) background check and 3) serviceability bond.

#TCS NQT interview Experience 6


Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Kerala

Attended TCS NQT in 2018

First of all, they asked me to introduce about myself.I said I'm confident inC, C++, JAVA, DBMS.After that a few technical questions were asked.

  • What is Dangling Pointer?
  • Basic SQL queries?
  • C program to check whether a number is prime?
  • What is a double pointer?
  • Briefly asked about your project.
  • Difference between C andC++.

Overall it was a good interview. Finally, I asked the interviewer to rate my interview. I think I shouldn't have asked that question!! The interviewer told me he can't tell that now and asked me to wait for the email.

#TCS NQT interview Experience 7


Attended TCS NQT in 2018

I am from Mechanical branch. My interview was on 9th Feb 2018 in MGIT college, Hyderabad. For me all the three round (TR, MR, HR) were held in one round with 3 interviewers. They asked me questions on C and JAVA as I said I am trained on those languages. Prepare all the basics of languages mentioned in your resume and be prepared on each and every line of your resume. If u think u can't answer for a question on your resume then please remove that line from your resume.

You will be asked this question "Being a non-IT student, why are u coming into this field"?. When asked, answer carefully else they will definetly drag on this topic based on ur answer. However maybe the interviewer's face (serious or smiling), you should be confident with a smile on our face. Some topics & questions asked were:

  • OOPs concepts - All the definitions of OOPs concepts
  • Difference between while and do while.
  • Interface definition,
  • Platform dependency
  • JVM
  • Prime number program
  • Many questions on java (I don't remember some of them)
  • If you are okay with relocation, then why didn't u choose to do engineering in some other state?
  • Difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke

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