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TCS NQT Questions | TCS NQT Placement Papers with solutions

Published on 07 Mar 2020

TCS Ninja placement papers with solutions are discussed below. It is very likely that questions would repeat from our TCS Ninja placement papers in the actual TCS Ninja test. This is because TCS mostly repeats questions from TCS Ninja previous year placement papers.

TCS Ninja placement papers analysis of test pattern

An analysis of TCS NQT previous year placement papers has clearly given us the test pattern followed by TCS. The latest test pattern of TCS Ninja is as follow

SectionNumber of QuestionsTime Allocated (in minutes)
English1510 mins
Quantitative Aptitude1530 mins
Advanced Programming Logic1020 mins
Coding120 mins

Now let us look at the most asked questions in each of the above sections.

TCS Ninja Placement papers (section wise)

TCS Ninja placement papers - Aptitude section

TCS Ninja aptitude questions are mostly repeated from TCS Ninja placement papers. Practicing our TCS Ninja placement paper questions will help you get familiarized with the concepts and similar questions are likely to occur in the actual TCS Ninja exam.Most repeated TCS Ninja aptitude questions from TCS Ninja previous year placement papers are discussed below with solutions.

1) Find the greatest number that will divide 148 246 and 623 leaving remainders 4 6 and 11 respectively.

1) 20

2) 12

3) 6

4) 48

Solution: Option 2




Now form the options lets check which of the 4 divide 144,240 and 612 leaving 0 as remainder. Hence these 3 are divided by 12 leaving remainder 0 which mean 12 divides 148, 246 and 623 leaving remainder 6 and 11 respectively.

2) On a 26-question test, five points were deducted for each wrong answer and eight points were added for each correct answer. If all the questions were answered, how many were correct if the score was zero?

1) 10

2) 11

3) 12

4) 13

Solution: Option 1

If x number of questions are wrong and y number of questions are correct then,

-5*x+8*y=0 and x+y=26. By solving these equations, we get

x=16 & y=10

3) George can do some work in 8 hours, Paulcan do the same work in 10 hours while Hiari can do the same work in 12 hours. All the three of them start working at 9 a.m while George stops works at 11 a.m and remaining two complete the work. Approximately at what time will the work be finished?

1) 11:30 am

2) 1 pm

3) 12:30 pm

4) 12 noon

Solution: Option 2

L.C.M(8,10,12) = 120

so, let the total work = 120 unit

George can do 15 unit work in 1 hr and Paul can do 12 unit and Hillary 10 unit in 1 hr.

so, 2*(15+12+10) + t*(12+10) = 120

On solving, t=3. So the answer will be (11 am+3 hr) = 1 pm

4) Apple costs L rupees per kilogram for first 30 kgs and Q rupees per kilogram for each additional kilogram. If the price of 33 kilograms is 1167 and for 36 kgs of Apples is 1248 then the cost of the first 10 kgs of Apples is

1) Rs. 350

2) Rs. 1053

3) Rs. 117

4) Rs. 281

Solution: Option 1

Given that

30L + 3Q = 1167

30L + 6Q = 1284

Solving we get Q = 39, L = 35

So cost of first 10 kgs of apples = 35 10 = 350

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TCS Ninja placement papers - Programming Concepts section

This section consists of TCS Ninja C programming MCQ's. This section tests you basic conceptual knowledge on various topics. A few sample TCS Ninja C programming MCQ's are discussed below.

1) What is the output of this C code?

void main()
int k = 5;
int *p = &k;
int **m = &p;
printf("%d%d%dn", k, *p, **p); }

1) 5 5 5

2) 5 5 junk

3) 5 junk junk

4) Compile time error

Solution: Option 4

2) Given the below statements about C programming language.

1) main() function should always be the first function present in a C program file

2) all the elements of a union share their memory location

3) A void pointer can hold the address of any type and can be type casted to any type

4) A static variable holds random junk value if it is not initialized

Which of the above are correct statements?

1) 2,3

2) 1,2

3) 1,2,3

4) 1,2,3,4

Solution: Option 3

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TCS Ninja placement papers - English section

TCS Ninja English section consists of cloze test questions. This means that a paragraph with fill in the blanks will be given. Each blank will have a set of options to choose from. You need to carefully go through the passage and fill in the appropriate words in the blanks.

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TCS Ninja placement papers - Coding section

This is the most important section of all. If you fail to implement the code, then very likely that you would not make to the next round. Hence focus on this round is very important. TCS coding questions in TCS previous year placement papers will give you an idea about the kind of questions asked.

1)Write a C program to calculate the factorial of a non-negative integer N. The factorial of a number N is defined as the product of all integers from 1 up to N. Factorial of 0 is defined to be 1. The number N is a non-negative integer that will be passed to the program as the first command line parameter. Write the output to stdout formatted as an integer WITHOUT any other additional text. You may assume that the input integer will be such that the output will not exceed the largest possible integer that can be stored in an int type variable.

Kindly note that certain keywords like"scanf, getc, getch, getchar"cannot be used while solving this problem.


int main(int a, char *b[])  //command line arguments
Int x,y,f=1;
x=atoi(b[1]);   //atoi function is to convert a character to integer
return 0; } 

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