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Tech Mahindra Test Pattern, Sections, Syllabus, Cut-Off

Published on 23 Oct 2018

Tech Mahindra Test Pattern

Tech Mahindra Test Pattern

In this article, you can find the latest Tech Mahindra Test Pattern and Syllabus. Tech Mahindra, like most of the IT companies, starts their Recruitment Process through an online aptitude test followed by the final and deciding round, the Tech Mahindra Interview Process.

After applying for the Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process, a candidate undergoes 4 rounds, namely:

  1. Written Round
  2. Picture Perception/Story Writing
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

This article will now discuss each of these Rounds in detail,

1. Written Round - Tech Mahindra Aptitude Test

The first round in Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process is the written round which scores the employability skills of a candidate on the basis of their Mathematical aptitude, English Proficiency, and Communication Skills. A total of 75 questions will be asked in this round and the total time allotted for this section is 50 minutes. There is no sectional time limit for the sections. Also, there is no negative marking for any wrong answer. This test consists of 7 sections:

  1. English Language General 1
  2. English Language General 2
  3. English Language Comprehension
  4. Quantitative Aptitude
  5. Verbal Reasoning General
  6. Verbal Reasoning Paragraph
  7. Non-Verbal Reasoning

Total Number of QuestionsTime DurationMarking SchemeNegative MarkingSectional Time Limit
7550 mins1 mark per correct answerNoNo

The Tech Mahindra Written Test is designed to assess logical reasoning or thinking performance. The candidate is supposed to give a multiple choice test - the test will assess two main things, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Verbal and Communication ability. Verbal reasoning is understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words. It aims at evaluating the ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition.

Quantitative Ability questions consist of topics like series, algebra, time & work, time, speed & distance, arithmetic, percentages, probability, permutation & combination, profit & loss, HCF, LCM, geometry, etc. This section is of moderate level.

Check the complete syllabus here.

Practice QuantitativeAbility Questions here

Verbal English questions consist of reading comprehension passages, basic grammar usage questions like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, paragraph completion, sentence correction, vocabulary, sentence ordering etc.

Check the complete syllabus here

Practice Verbal Ability Questions here

The table below gives a detailed view of each section and the Tech Mahindra Test Pattern in the Tech Mahindra Aptitude Test:

SectionsNumber Of QuestionTopics
English Language General 110Direct/Indirect Speech, Active/Passive Voice, Vocabulary
English Language General 220Synonyms, Antonyms, Fill in the Blanks, Series, Sentence Completion
English Language Comprehension 5Reading Comprehension – Read a paragraph and answer the questions that follow
Quantitative Aptitude11Profit and Loss, Percentages, Time and Work, Time Speed and Distance, Geometry, Averages, Ages, Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Verbal Reasoning General21Series, Analogies, Blood Relations, Syllogism, Seating Arrangement, Cause and Effect
Verbal Reasoning Paragraph3Interpret a paragraph and answer questions based on logic
Non-Verbal Reasoning5Mirror Images, Figure Matrix, Paper cutting, Pattern completion, Dot Situation, Embedded Images

2. Picture Perception/Story Writing

After completing the Written Test, if a candidate's score for all the separate sections is well above the cut-off, then as soon as you finish your test you will get a screen displaying your result and whether you cleared the round or not.

If you clear this round, you will be taken to the next part of Test i.e the Story Writing Test.

In this Round, you will be presented with a picture alone - without any text or context. Then, in a time duration of 15 Minutes, you are supposed to write a story based on the picture in not more than 200 words. This is an elimination round meaning if you clear this, you will be called for the Tech Mahindra Interview Process. While processing your storyline, always make sure the events are positive in nature because a negative perception can show the pessimistic nature of your thoughts. Moreover, make the story realistic and avoid complex or supernatural elements. Try to include points such as what led to the current situation, what is the present situation and what your character does to overcome the problem (if any).

Cut-Off to clear the Tech Mahindra Aptitude Test

The Tech Mahindra Written Round has no sectional time limit but it does have a sectional cut-off i.e the scores for all the sections are calculated separately and those students who clear the cut-off in all the sections are shortlisted for the next round. i.e story writing followed by face to face Interview.

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