Wipro Interview Questions

Wipro Interview experiences give you an idea of Wipro interview questions. Wipro interview questions are a must to prepare if you are going to attend the interview. These Wipro Interview questions were collected from students who attended Wipro drive.

Wipro Interview experience #1

Name: Vikas Patel, Status: Selected (2018)

1.online assessment ( verbal (very easy) logical (easy) quant(medium difficulty and lengthy calculation time taking) coding (2 questions 1 easy pattern base or HCF 2nd was difficult generally on strings.) 2.technical interview ( sure and true about your resume, prepare one or two academic subjects like OS,NETWORK,DATABASE,DATA STRUCTURES,OOPs, be confident, coincidence is key not sit silent if you don’t know questions completely then say I don’t know ,if you know something about question speak something related to that.) 3.HR (read about company it’s CEO, founder, revenue, achievements, whats unique about yourself, weakness and strength why we hire you, why you want to join our company.)

Wipro Interview Questions #1

  1. what is method overloading and overriding.
  2. how to perform insertion and deletion in linked list.
  3. what is binary search tree.
  4. what is deadlock ?

Wipro Interview experience #2

Name: Chandana, Status: Selected (2018)

Concentrate on basic level coding and eassy writing. In interview confidence and way of explanation are important.

Wipro Interview Questions #2

  1. why you choose lbrce college
  2. coding on matrix and string
  3. question on c and c++

Wipro Interview experience #3

Name: Akash Mohanty , Status: Selected (2018)

Concentrate more on coding and essay writing to clear 1st round

Wipro Interview Questions #3

  1. To find sub-string in a given string using pointers and
  2. Related to project, Microprocessor and microcontroller
  3. Write about: Life in a big city is better or life in a small town is better